Tuesday, December 18, 1984

Birth of A Capsuleer

It was a day like many others on the Science and Trade Institute School hanging in space near the 6th moon of Itamo VI. In the med-lab a women cries in pain of child birth and a husband waits with bated and numbed fingers. A new life is about enter into the world. Time passes and a new cry is heard, the doctor looks up smiling holding the new born infant in his arms. Placing it in the father's arms saying, "Congratulations, its a boy!" The nurses bustle about, take a quick scan of the child to ensure everything is as it should, merely a formality considering all the technology surrounding them in the med-lab. The infants are always okay now, the wonders of science. Gazing at his new born son, who has wrapped his tiny fist around the father's finger, he says, "Welcome to New Eden Thaddeus."