Friday, February 24, 2012


One of the major reasons I took a leave of absence from being a capsuleer was that missioning andmining just didn’t hold my interest. What I really wanted was to enter null-sec and fight other capsuleers for dominance of an area. That is what drew me into being a capsuleer in the first place. So, to further these ends I need to get into null-sec. But I have so little experience in combating other capsuleers. The local pirates and missions I’ve been sent on are nothing compared to the skill and cunning of another capsuleer. Every advantage I had over a regular pilot is gone when combating fellow capsuleers.

This means that I began the search for a training corp. After some searching I happened upon the well known EvE-Uni. They looked really good, but had a very long and detailed application process. I continued my search to little avail. Then I remebemered, before I disappeared those long years ago I had just joined a null-sec training corp called OUCH. I checked around and asked my contacts and it turns out that OUCH was still in business. Granted under new leadership, but still successful. Filling out the needed paperwork, which was quite short, I sent in my application to join. Within a day or two I had response…I had been accepted.

My return to New Eden has taken its next step, soon I will be feared.

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