Monday, February 13, 2012

I have awaken!

“My clone has lain dormant for a very long time. I’m sure everyone has forgotten about me. But alas I awake.

The time has come for New Eden to see that I have teeth.”
I wake in the dark musty clone labs of a Home Guard station in [[sys:Kino]]. Something is wrong. It’s dark and quite. I can’t hear the low study thrum of the clone vats. What has happened? Using what little strength I have I brace my palms against the vat’s lid and push. With the last ounce of strength in my atrophied frame I hear a creek, then a groan and the lid comes free. Sitting up I stare into the darkness and inhale deeply. The air is damp and musty sending me into a coughing fit. Once that has settled down I swing my legs over the edge of the bed and unsteadily make my way to my feet.  On trembling legs I make way to the only light I see, a distant door control. The only glimmer of home I have is that its gentle amber glow means there is still power left to open the door.

I have returned! It turns out some beurecrat though they’d save few ISK and shutdown a few “unused” clone vat bays. Well the engineer in charge of actually throwing the switch was drunk to high heaven off of some Jovian wine and powered down the wrong bay. Apparently I’m one of the few survivors of the incedent. I guess I should count myself lucky. Now that I’m awake its time to pick off where I left off. The screen dims as the conversation is terminated. I’ve just finished telling my … associate … to begin to sell off the stocks of supplies left from before. He too survived the same ordeal as me….what are the odds. Regardless, we are both back and both ready to begin anew. He informed me that most of his buy orders were fullfilled in our absence so we have quite a stock of random things sitting in [[sys:Jita]] just waiting to be sold. This is good as our coffers will need some padding. Now to finish planning my return.

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